Clear CM has been engaged by a number of professional advisory firms to create multi asset investments with a target absolute return.

This approach – involving the sharing of resources and expertise across various industry platforms – has become increasingly in demand during the current market conditions of low interest rates, volatile equity markets and uncertainty.

The result is the planned launch of ICAV funds that operate on a multi asset philosophy and, to complement this, there is a range of discretionary investment portfolios managed through a number of investment or wrap platforms.

A core holding is taken in the funds where discretionary portfolios follow the same philosophy, with the manager complementing the core holding with other funds to tailor the resultant model to the requirements of professional intermediaries.

Due to our unique and close relationships with our advisers, Clear CM is able to draw in outsourced expertise already in place (through investment partnerships and other formal business relationships) and grow the business organically.

The partnerships between two regulated investment managers with complementary skills provides a four-eyes management process, a challenging environment to debate markets and managers and source new assets.

Moreover, the willingness to embrace alternative asset classes and investment techniques, to forge strategic partnerships and import opinion ensures a forward looking and flexible business that can react quickly to capital markets and make changes as required.

The absence of legacy business also ensures that there is no conflict or need to consider market positioning, which often results in managers defending an investment position at the expense of client needs.

Where does the responsibility lie?

Clear CM does not advise retail clients, but rather develops a range of model portfolios and provides consultancy to a range of multi asset funds, which professional advisers can select for their clients.

Financial advisers that have engaged Clear CM provide structured input on their client needs, preferences and views and other relevant market feedback.

Such advisers are also directly responsible for assessing the suitability of Clear CM solutions and for the ultimate client relationship.