Clear CM seeks to deploy its intellectual capital and that of its partners to arrive at a package of innovative solutions designed to meets the exacting demands of professional advisers and their clients.

Our focus will always be on the generation of returns, addressing our fundamental belief that clients want to assess perfomance against public market indices, which are either difficult to understand or which are frequently irrational and volatile.

Investing as we do in proprietary funds and other assets we can offer clients more transparency and greater control over where their money is being invested.

We take portfolio construction and risk management extremely seriously, not least because our own financial success is fully aligned to that of our clients and the success of their portfolio investments.

With the help of our large network of resources and industry partners, we have created a range of discretionary investment portfolios managed through a number of investment or wrap platforms.

A core holding is taken in the funds where discretionary portfolios follow Clear CM’s own philosophy, with the manager completing the core holding with other funds to tailor the resultant model to the requirements of professional intermediaries.

This approach enables a highly professional and robust management service to be provided at scale and with controlled costs – lowering barriers of entry to as low as £25,000 of investible capital. The vast majority of discretionary managers have considerably higher minimums.

Below £25,000, the funds themselves can be selected from as little as £1,000.