For Professional Advisers…

With our origins within the financial planning community, Clear Capital Management LLP (Clear CM) intends to appeal directly to the professional adviser with a range of services and funds that are designed to precisely dovetail with the tailored financial plan an adviser puts in place for their clients. We do not subscribe to the notion that an investment manager should be free to design a strategy in isolation of how that it is applied in the real world. Too many times, advisers are being asked to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Portfolios & Funds

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Through our understanding of the financial planning process allied to our in-house investment expertise - combined with that of our investment partners - we identify the challenges faced and create solutions.

Our aim is to work with like-minded investment professionals and provide a bridge to the financial planning community. So, together we better serve client needs.

Clear CM operates a range of model investment portfolios on a number of investment platforms.

We follow a multi asset style of investment which can be expressed either as an absolute return target (% in excess of cash) or a return measured against a suitable benchmark.

Different Approach

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We are an investment management company that believes in offering something different, and better.

Our philosophy is to question the normal way of doing things. We think there are some fundamental weaknesses in the typical investment management process provided by many other institutions.

We turn the accepted wisdom on its head, and instead approach investments by putting client needs above all else.